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Fearless And The Feared

Published 2011

In the summer of 1978, the Chicago mob is struggling. As an up-and coming cartel prepares to unleash a blizzard of cocaine and challenge the reeling Mafia for dominance of the second city streets, there is only one man who can stop them – Max Walsh…[Read More]

Operation Celeritous

Published 2016

Monday April 5 1955, Princeton NJ. Albert Einstein to the world is dead. But not to the US Government, Operation Celeritous has begun. 2015 Travis Kilbourn the heir to a trilion dolar fortune works for his father Damen in his genetic facility where Operation Celeritous…[Read More]

What’s happening?

So I’ve been working to get this novel done. And in the process, short stories started to appear. Nothing crazy great but ideas that were interesting enough to keep my interest for twenty pages or so. The other cool thing about a shorter stories is the freedom to be able to change genre voice setting […]

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Halloween Activity!!!

Boo all. Hope this finds you all spectacularly ghoulish. Alright enough corn. So here is goes. I’ve written and rewritten “Operation Celeritous” about ten times. That’s 90,000 words each time. I want to get this one done as much as you guys want to read it. But I will not let this one out of […]

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Hey everybody, I can’t impress upon you the importance of my beta reader. She provides a great service for a very reasonable rate. Anyway here’s her site… Tweet to petethanos

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It has truly been a long road on this one. Just when I thought the 323 pages of my latest OPERATION CELERITOUS was enough. I realized I don’t like it. I mean who does that? Seriously? I write what I thought was a masterpiece, which it sort of is. But like a molten piece of […]

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Finished another Vince Flynn Novel…What do you read?

Act of Treason… solid entry in the Mitch Rapp series from a fabulous writer, he never disappoints. He left us to soon. However his family published another one of his books “THE SURVIVOR.” Will be reading this one soon. In the midst of Tale of Two Cities. Dickens. What books you guys read? Tweet to […]

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Fearless and the Feared was the best criminal novel I read in years. I can't wait to see your next one!