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Operation Celeritous Progress

Posted on: April 8th, 2016 by Peter No Comments

I’m getting very close to submitting OPERATION CELERITOUS to my new editor. The editor I had a kind sould of a man named John Harten really challenged me as a writer. He had pased away halfway thorugh the project. I had to take a pause and gather myself after his passing. He meant a lot to me and my work. I cannot tell you the importance to any author those that work with you. From those that support you in your work to the ones that work with you. Its hard to describe how important a person he was to me. I never met him in person, we only talked over the phone. And like friends he really cared how the writing was going. We also chatted about our children, families and friends, it was like I knew him my whole life.

But I digress, I will be blogging OPERATION CELERITOUS on my site in pieces. So please if you happen to read it, and I hope you do. Give me a little feed back, it helps. Take care, and thanks John.

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