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It has truly been a long road on this one. Just when I thought the 323 pages of my latest OPERATION CELERITOUS was enough. I realized I don’t like it. I mean who does that? Seriously? I write what I thought was a masterpiece, which it sort of is. But like a molten piece of steel that isn’t ready to be quenched, I have to pull it back out of the forge to beat it into shape just a bit more.
And here’s why, I’m dealing with a character Einstein. He is the hero by the way. Well sort of. Read it and you tell me. Any who I will not misrepresent him in any way (Or not make him one of the coolest characters in this novel.) To another degree this is my baby. I cannot wait to release it but I don’t want any meat left on this bone. I want to pick it clean.
My Beta reader showed me the way. Deb Rhodes. She wrote a twelve page report. Detailing her likes and dislikes. Very thorough and precise with her assessments. So anyone out there writing a book and needs a Beta reader look her up.
There are so many issues that come into play when you say “lets write a book…” Some are obvious plot or not? Outline? of course. Then character Bio’s, research (Princeton Univ. Thank you). POV, theme, setting, constructing a new world in the future, vehicles, atmosphere’s. Then you have the writing elements, geezzz’s. There is a lot involved in writing a SciFi than a Crime Novel.
The FEARLESS AND the FEARED> That world was in the seventies I grew up in, so the scale has increased by 50%. Much different in style etc.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that’s why its not completed. But I promise you this it will be. When I do not know. What I do is it will be done when my writers instinct tells me it is.

Thanks for reading and Take care.

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Fearless and the Feared was the best criminal novel I read in years. I can't wait to see your next one!