I never thought I would be an author. I wrote letters, comic books, short stories, but never ever did I believe that I would be an avid reader and writer. I started as a youngster, I want to say eleven. I wrote from my heart, all my loves, and feelings both good and bad. I never thought much of those scribbles of madness those many yarns ago. But they added up to a personal addiction I love to scratch to this day.

I wrote shorties, then showed them to friends and family, I got the customary all important words of encouragement but I wanted more. Not attention mind you but I wanted to say more. I wanted to convey a moral to a story that all of us could share, learn, or respond to.

Characters are a personal creation that manifests from my dreams of the past and present. I visualize like most writers. I write scenes first that start with sentences and expand on them with action and dialogue.

But to know your character is the only way to write your character. That I learned early on. To write biographies of all your characters no matter how small or large a part they play in the writing.

I wrote my first movie at ten my first comic at nine. I really found a kinship with the artists of the world and loved collaborating with them.



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Fearless and the Feared was the best criminal novel I read in years. I can't wait to see your next one!